EZ 2-3 Portable Concrete Mixer Batching Plant


The EZ 2-3 is a non-computerized, rugged, higher output machine. This portable concrete batch mixer combo is very compact with enhanced maneuverability, yet this batching plant can really produce.

With it’s 2.5 yard drum capacity and incredible cycle times of seven to 10 minutes, you can generate 15 to 22 yards or more per hour! The new “Side Auger System” allows you to conveniently apply small bags of portland cement to a bin and augers the material up into the drum, allowing a fast and easy application.

This unique design employs a through-drum mixer that achieves an excellent mix. Loading the mixer is easy with its 3+ yard hopper and conveyor loading system. The EZ 2-3 has a pallet loading stand, stabilizing jacks with a bag breaker, and a water meter. This concrete mixer batching plant comes standard with a 60 HP diesel engine.

This concrete be towed or air lifted by plane or helo to remote job sites. Perfect for the contractor that requires 10+ yards an hour and whose help is not skilled. With this portable batch plant you can say goodbye to short load fees and make concrete on your time, not the concrete plant’s.

Water Meter

Diesel Engine – Water Cooled

Digital Scale Display
Load Cell

Digital Scale Display and Load Cells

The 2-3 may optionally include weight scales on the single hopper for more accurate measurement of sand, gravel and cement.  Materials are weighed individually to achieve the correct weights of rock and sand on a per load basis as you load the hopper to your specified mix design, or the bin can be filled completely with premix gravel and sand and the bin can be unloaded easily by a decumulation method with the weight scales.

250 Gallon Auto Tank

300 Gallon Auto Tank

Diesel & Electric Motors

60 hp Diesel Engine
50 hp Electric Motor with Panel

= standard = optional
ModelEZ 4-5
16-20 YD³ Per HR
EZ 2-3
12-14 YD³ Per HR
EZ 1-1
4-6 YD³ Per HR
Hopper Scales - std w/ auto control
Pallet Platform
Pallet Jack
Water Pump - std w/ auto control
Electric Motor w/ Panel
Pressure Washer
Hot Water (Diesel Fuel)
Bag Breaker
Silo Chute
Diesel Engine
Auto Water Tank
Water Meter
Manual Wet Batch Plant ComboWeightOverseas Shipping Container
EZ 4-59,000 lbs40 ft. High Cube
EZ 2-37,500 lbs40 ft. High Cube
EZ 1-14,800 lbs20 ft. High Cube


Holding Hopper

HH3 Holding Hopper by Mix Right

ATTENTION! This machine CAN NOT BE TRANSPORTED WHILE LOADED WITH WET OR DRY MATERIALS.  It must be stationary for operation.

The automated EZ 2-8-2 with Auto Controls is available as an upgraded alternative model.  Sand, Gravel, and Water are measured automatically.  The water meter measures exact water readings for yardage control.  Cement is loaded into the mixer with a silo or directly onto the belt with the standard bag breaker.  Print tickets are available with this model.  This machine is more accurate where spec concrete is required.