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Right Manufacturing Systems, Inc. (RMS) was started by Brian and Laura Pittard, a husband and wife team.  As a child, Brian wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.  His father was a civil engineer.  Brian chose to pursue mechanical engineering.  Laura grew up, worked in, and was the third generation in a family, farm equipment, manufacturing business.  As a child, she enjoyed the opportunities that owning a business allowed and always had the desire to own her own company.  Brian and Laura both worked in her family’s manufacturing business while Brian pursued his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Utah.

During his senior year, Brian funded a design project with a team of other engineers in his class.  Their project was to design a new drive system for a mobile concrete mixer that could be towed behind a pick-up truck.  The mixer concept had a drive system that would turn the mixer automatically without a motor as it was being towed down the road.  The mixer also had a drive system so efficient it would turn 10,000 lbs. of concrete with only an 8 HP gasoline motor at an idle.


In 1997, after Brian completed the overall design of the mixer, he began producing mixers and using them as rentals for selling short loads of concrete.  While he was producing these concrete mixers, an individual approached Brian about manufacturing a rock tumbler with the same drive system, but with a completely different design concept.  After producing the first tumbler, the client’s friend asked us to build a tumbler for him as well.  Then, a third customer requested another two tumblers.  At this point, they realized there was a market for rock tumblers, so they focused their attention on building rock tumblers.


The company incorporated in 1999, and became known as Mix Right Inc.  Production and revenues were increasing largely, so in 2003 they decided to begin a building project for a new facility of their own.  In August of 2004, they moved into their new 10,000 sq. ft shop.


This allowed them to increase the product line to include 3 sizes of concrete mixers, 4 sizes of automated batch plants, 4 sizes of portable cement silos, 4 sizes of automated wet concrete batch plants, larger tumblers, a vibratory tumbler for thinner material, a finished product conveyor, a small capacity stone saw, and numerous custom concrete equipment models.  Around this time, the name of the company changed from Mix Right Inc. to Right Manufacturing Systems, Inc. to account for all of the new types of mixing systems and tumbling equipment they were producing.  The Mix Right line includes all concrete mixing systems and Tumble Right includes all tumbling systems.


When the economy collapsed in 2008, things got quite difficult, as most things in this industry came to a stand-still.  Oftentimes, Brian and Laura did not know how they were going to survive, but there continued to be interest in their unique product line.


During this difficult time, international sales fueled their business.  All concrete equipment is designed intentionally to fit in standard size shipping containers.  All equipment is made to be mobile and to go in to remote locations.  Our products are located all around the world, from Africa, South America, Central America, Australia, China, Haiti, Resolute Bay, Canada, Midway Island, Nauru, American Samoa, to the Kodiak Islands, and beyond.  Brian has some interesting stories to tell from his travels to these remote locations.  Things have swung back around, and we have again seen a resurgence in the American market.


It has always been important to Brian to create an “American Made” product.  We manufacture all metal parts, and most purchased parts are American made.  Brian continues to enjoy designing, innovating, and selling our product lines.  He also enjoys meeting our clients in the field.  Laura enjoys working on the administrative side and growing their business with her husband and partner.  We both hope to create greater brand awareness and to continue to expand.

We thank you for your support in our journey.


Brian and Laura Pittard


Tumble Right Rock Tumblers Shipping Product on Semi Truck at Right Manufacturing Systems Inc.