7SL-80 Portable Cement Silo – 35 Ton

7sL-80 side

The 7SL-80 portable cement storage silo has 200 Barrels (35 tons) of capacity and can load up to 2,500 lb of cement per minute with the optional 8-inch auger and 700 lb with the standard 6-inch auger. Comes Standard with air system and 13 hp hydraulically driven auger.


This very durable, mobile cement storage silo can be towed to your job site with a 1 ton pickup truck and can be set up within minutes of arrival.


Air injection lines that hook up to an air compressor and the hydraulic vibrator ensure uninterrupted flow of cement at the bottom of the silo and auger.


Length: 26 feet

Height: 13 feet 4 inches

Width: 8 feet 4 inches

Weight: 8,000 pounds

Typical Users

• Rental Yards

• Large Contractors

• Specialty Contractors

• Municipalities

• Fencing Contractors

• Pre-Casters

• Remote Batching Needs


6 inch, hydraulically driven

Air System

Air actuators


Gasoline Engine

Large Load Scale by Right Manufacturing Systems Inc.

Silo Scales

Optional weight scales provide very accurate cement measurement for precise batching applications.  The 7SL-80 with optional load cells is designed to load all 2CL Batch Plants and EZ Mixer Batch Plants, or to load volumetric trucks, offsite cement weighing hoppers, or any cement storage device for remote loading applications.

Portable Concrete Mixer Batching Plant Mix Right 1280i Control Panel by Right Manufacturing Systems Inc.

Auto Controls, 920i

Portable Concrete Mixer 3 Cubic Yards with Custom Red Paint Mix Right 2DH-3 at Right Manufacturing Systems Inc.


All models are painted white.  Other paint schemes are additional.

Choose the motor that will work best within your operation.


The standard gasoline motor is 14 hp.  This electric start motor is durable and reliable, and will serve you well day after day.

A 23.5 hp gasoline motor is optional.


A 10 hp diesel motor is optional.  This motor gets better fuel economy than the gasoline motor, and is convenient in most yards and quarries where diesel fuel is usually more readily accessible.

A 25 hp diesel motor is optional.


A 20 hp electric motor with panel is optional.  It is the most reliable and efficient motor system.  The system requires a minimum of 220 single phase power.  Because power requirements vary by customer the electrical panel is built to your power requirements.


A combination electric and gasoline, or diesel, motor system allows for more versatility, and ensures the use of the most efficient power source available.

= standard = optional
Model7SL-15B 15 Bag7SL-12 12K7SL-30K7SL-80 80K7SL-120 120K
Gasoline Motor 14 hpN/A
Gasoline Motor 23.5 hpN/A
Diesel Motor
Electric Motor 20 hp
6" Auger
8" Auger
Auto Controls, 920iN/A
Air ActuatorsN/A
Hopper Scales
7SL-12010,000 lb2X 40 ft High Cube
7SL-808,500 lb40 ft High Cube
7SL-305,000 lb40 ft High Cube
7SL-124,500 lb40 ft High Cube
7SL-15B1,700 lb20 ft High Cube

ATTENTION! This machine CAN NOT BE TRANSPORTED WHILE LOADED WITH WET OR DRY MATERIALS.  It must be stationary for operation.